Mark Murphy

The October rain was pelting the windows this morning. The falling leaves were driven on their journey by the force of an autumn wind. This was not a day for drifting and dancing leaves in a lazy choreography of color. They were speeding to their destination with no time for twirling.

We seem to be like the leaves as we move toward our own destinations. There are times when we speed rapidly to our goals, driven by the forces of life straight to where we need to be. Then there are other times when we take an uncertain, twirling path—dancing, floating, mesmerized by the wind and sidetracked by the movements of the dance. The dancing journey is more fun and peaceful, but we are not a twirling, flowing species. We seem to believe that unless we are driving straight towards our planned and plotted destination, we are failing to be a productive and responsible person. Interestingly enough, unless life intends for us to move quickly and precisely, we still end up dipping and swirling and drifting away from the very goal we believe we must reach. We need to learn that twirling is okay—that we don’t always have to know exactly where we are going and that sometimes we end up in very special places if we let the winds of life take us there.

Allow the flow of life to unfold. The more I try to control my life and drive it forward, the more restrictions I experience, the less I accomplish, and the worse I feel. I often have to make a conscious effort to step back and allow life to lead—feel the dance—and amazingly enough the direction I have been trying to contrive simply happens before me with the grace and ease of the twirling leaves. Stepping back means releasing the fears that drive us forward in a gallant but unsuccessful attempt to make life happen. We must learn to let life happen and continue to trust the dance.

Today I am going to watch the leaves twirl and let life twirl as well. Tomorrow may find me racing toward my goals with the wind behind me. But today, I’m going to twirl.