Mark Murphy

Snowflakes were drifting down from the heavens. The hush only experienced on snowy mornings filled the spaces of the earth around me. Softly, surely, the land became pure, white, and renewed. In moments, the magic of life was visible to all.

I am always reminded when it snows of the infinite power of the universe. If you consider that there are no two snowflakes alike, and how many snowflakes actually fall, you cannot help but be awed by this magnificence. If this is true, it is simply not possible for humankind to truly comprehend the forces that surround us daily from powers we only experience in whispers. How then can we not challenge ourselves to believe in miracles and dreams that appear impossible but exist around us every day?

Our limitations certainly exist. Will we become totally enlightened beings who soar through life every day with absolute understanding and peace? Some, perhaps, can achieve this but most of us are here to experience life—not necessarily master it. However, I believe if we are open to those infinite possibilities we will always see life as the magical adventure it is; that we will always find the moments to be awed and amazed at what is all around us.

Only yesterday I paused for a minute and happened to look down at the moss growing profusely on the bank of the ditch. I look at moss all the time but I don’t really see it. This day I knelt down for a closer view and was astonished to find that each clump of moss is composed of hundreds of tiny, star-like entities that are as delicate and graceful as any vegetation you will find. Instead of seeing a green clump that flourishes in many places I would rather it didn’t, I now viewed moss as a thing of beauty. We have a tendency to view people in much the same way. But by shifting our view, taking that moment to step a little closer, we often find that there is a unique, delicate beauty that we may have missed.

I do not possess the capacity to live life in awareness and euphoria each day. I do possess the capacity to capture it in moments. Every moment I do capture it, my ability to know joy and love and appreciation for all of life expands. I am grateful today for the snowflakes that grace the land and remind us of all we are and can be in this infinite experience of life.