About Us

Heidi Levan, Author

Mark Murphy
Heidi has been writing since she was a young girl growing up on a farm outside of Portland, Oregon. As long as she can remember, she has described her observations and shared her thoughts through words—sometimes simply writing them in her head if she was not able to put her thoughts to ink. Although Heidi believes her writing talents are a gift she arrived with, she attributes her continued love for writing to teachers who encouraged her creativity throughout her school years.

While writing is Heidi’s passion, she has been a human resources director for many years. This profession has allowed her privileged insight into the commonality of all people and the opportunity to touch others with her personal and professional mission of living life with kindness, integrity, and grace.

Children, animals, and nature are Heidi’s inspiration, as she finds great wisdom in them all. Home and family have always been her priority and continue to be her greatest joy. Married “forever,” she and her husband have two children, four grandchildren, and six cats. Her son, Logan, illustrated Soul Songs: Reflections of Joy in Everyday Life.
While she can hold her own in corporate America, Heidi is still a country girl and believes simplicity and love provide the finest level of living. Her dream is to share thoughtful words that inspire curiosity and positive perspectives born from living life with love.


Logan Levan, Illustrator

Mark Murphy
Logan is the son of author, Heidi Levan, and has provided all the small ink drawings in the Soul Songs book.  Since he was a small boy, Logan has shown an artistic flair.  As a child, Logan created elaborate costumes from materials around the house and began to draw detailed pictures before he even entered school. He has a natural talent for “placing” objects, photos and drawings in just the right place. Art, music and nature fuel Logan’s creative fires.  Logan has designed tattoos and has recently been requested to illustrate two children’s books in addition to his contributions to the Soul Songs book. 

Melissa Brookmire, Photographer

Mark Murphy
Melissa Brookmire is the featured photographer for the Soul Songs book website and Facebook page. Melissa and Heidi share the vision of encouraging others to find beauty and learning through nature and Melissa captures this magic through her exquisite photos and deep love of the simple beauty that surrounds us.  Pairing Melissa’s pictures and Heidi’s words is a joint expression of their passions.

Melissa’s interest in photography began as a very special experience with her father and grew into the talents of today.  Her keen eye for finding beauty in the ordinary and sharing this with others through her photography is truly Melissa’s “soul song”.  Nature brings an inner peace to Melissa that she wishes to help others experience and observe.

For much of her life, Melissa was a Rochester, New York resident.  However, she took full advantage of the opportunities for photographing natural wonders while living in Washington State for nine years.  She is now exploring – and photographing – the beauty of the Northeast, living in Maine.  Wherever she travels, there are miracles to photograph – many of which have won notoriety for her ability to capture the essence of the moment.  She does this by “paying attention” to the magic of everyday life.