To dance amidst the mundane routines and responsibilities of everyday life has long been my quest. For many years I have studied the books, thoughts, and actions of great spiritual leaders, observing life with a desire to achieve a higher level of living. Many of the leaders I found fascinating traveled to faraway places or spent months alone to arrive at that higher understanding. With a home, husband, children, elderly parents, a career, and a mortgage, those were not viable options for me. Through it all I kept saying, “You have to aspire to this spiritual, peaceful understanding simply by living everyday life.” I believed there was a way to live with enlightenment and find the song of my soul without turning everything upside down. There had to be or I was toast!

I began a journey—a journey to find magic in the common world around me and a journey to find my own joy and spiritual deepening within me. Along the way, I began to write my observations on this path—the joys, the lessons, the sadness, the stillness, the action, the sweetness, and the soulfulness of life. My discovery was simply that all around us, wherever we are, we have daily opportunities to be alive. Our movement through life is the joy, the fascination, the magic, the knowing. We are the joy in everyday life.

Long ago I realized that sharing who I was—my heart and soul—brought me closer to others and to myself. While this book is my journey, my deepest hope is that it will inspire you to smile more, laugh more, dream more, love more, and find your own joy in the world around you.

Soul Songs is a compilation of what I refer to as my “ponderings.” May they spark your curiosity and passion for finding your own soul song through the joy in everyday life.

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